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Riser Stages

The professionals at Home Team Productions can help you find the perfect solution for your event staging needs.  They will work with you to understand the pros and cons of staging options. For example, they may inform you of the best stages for outdoor or indoor settings, different stage load ratings, proper bracing requirements, stage components needed for various configurations and local code regulations pertaining to stages.

Here are some of the staging products they may suggest that you rent:

Performance stages. Rent stages for concerts and other live entertainment. Stages with adjustable legs make set up on uneven terrain easier. They also allow you to adjust their height. In addition, some stages permit a multi-tiered configuration.

Meeting room stages. Rent this stage option to create an elevated platform for speakers at meetings. These stages commonly allow you to adjust their height with

in a specified range. Some meeting room stages also have wheels for mobility.

Stage decks. You may rent stage decks separately or as part of a system, which includes a frame as well. Popular sizes of rectangular stage decks include 3 by 6 feet, 3 by 8 feet, 4 by 6 feet and 4 by 8 feet. Stage decks also come in pie shapes. You can connect the stage decks end-to-end or side-to-side to create a number of configurations, such as a large stage for a drama or a runway for a fashion show. Some stage decks offer rounded corners for a more unique design.

Multi-tiered risers. This rental stage option works well for choir or band performances. They commonly include either three or four steps. You can configure risers in a number of patterns from a rectangle to a horseshoe. Some riser units have side and back rails attached to them.

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