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Mobile Stages

Home Team Production clients are experiencing the ease and speed at which our mobile stages can be set up, which range from about an hour to five hours, depending on the specification of the event.  A significant reduction of setup and tear-down time of specially designed sound towers and trussing.

Small fundraisers, awards ceremonies, graduations, corporate promotions, musical events, and concert tours are all utilizing these hydraulic mobile stages for the first class visual presentation and design they provide, while at the same time significantly reducing labor costs , preparation times, and additional costs.


24' x 20' up to 40' x 24' (with extension platforms)

Wind Resistance

80 mph without windwalls
60 mph with windwalls

Set up Time

from 30 minutes to 2 hours
1 technician
1 to 2 stagehands

Please note - Stagehands are determined by the stage configuration - Setup time once positioning and leveling is completed Please contact one of our agents for more information

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